The Persistence of Memory 记忆之蛇

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本题型为Snake的变型,由Serkan Yürekli在Oguz Atay Puzzle Contest 5当中制作,题目的名字灵感来自于西班牙著名画家萨尔瓦多·达利的代表作《记忆的坚持》(La persistencia de la memoria)。


The Persistence of Memory小型例题,作者:Serkan Yürekli


Locate a snake in the grid that starts and ends in the cells which contain the black dots, that travels horizontally and vertically without touching itself at any point. All given highlighted regions contain parts of the snake. The regions having the same shape should have the same appearance with regard to the snake parts going through them, without any rotations. Note that all identical (same shape and same size) highlighted regions are oriented the same way in the puzzle grid.

The Persistence of Memory例题,作者:Serkan Yürekli
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