Pentaroll 翻滚吧!拼版

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本题型由Riad Khanmagomedov在2009年4月的IPST中设计。在这之后的OAPC8中,Serkan Yürekli也用到了此题型。



Given pentomino set was lying in the grid, without touching each other even at a point. Then each pentomino was rolled over one edge. The grid presents the top view after rollings. The numbers outside the grid indicate the number of pentomino pieces in the corresponding direction. Given pentominoes may be rotated and/or mirrored. Find the initial locations of pentominoes.

It is not important whether a pentomino can or cannot physically stand on the rolled face; and the rollings should be considered as virtual movements, ignoring the possible during collisions the movement.

Pentaroll例题,作者:Serkan Yürekli